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Isn’t our hair the thing that we are asking ourselves why we have such abundant hair, or most frequently why they are losing and not growing again, and the thing reflecting a part of our life, and isn’t it the most important part of our physical appearance? Don’ we feel self confident and complete when they are shining and healthy? As they get damaged, limp and start to lose, we start to feel exhausted and unhappy. Suddenly our lives turn to be a nightmare and we seek remedies.

The potentials in former periods seemed to solve these problems partially, since they do not create a permanent effects, they did not manage to end up these problems. Fortunately, medicine, medical technologies, dermocosmetic developing by every passing day have relieved us from these nightmares.

One of the most important ones among these developments is hair transplantation methods. Our country has got a position more successful and preferable in hair plantation in comparison with Europe. Unfortunately, as a result of transplants performed by unauthorized entities and people, both hair transplants are performed under unhealthy conditions, having unaesthetic and unnatural results. Therefore, hair transplant should be performed by an expert and experienced team under the control of plastic surgeons, in a medical center environment, which this indicates the respect to the health of the person.

Expert team provides hair transplants of modern technology performed in proper centers, and more reliability and quality

In our hair transplant unit operating in Elit İstanbul Medical Center with the most advanced devices of modern medicine, our expert plastic surgeons and experienced team, we provide service by focusing on customer satisfaction. 10 minutes drive from Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

We expect you to our center having years of knowledge and experience, where you may say “I wish I thought it before”

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